Hello. My name is Nikolai Sovkutsan. I'm from Kyrgyzstan, I'm 34 years old.

Sorry for my wrong English, if I made a mistake in the text somewhere.

All my life I dream of building small wooden planes. Today I dream of building Pietenpol and a small workshop where I will build further retro airplanes.

But it is impossible to do this in our country.

In Kyrgyzstan, a very low standard of living. They do not sell aviation materials here.
There is no good steel, no aluminum, no good quality wood. There are no aircraft engines. There are no aircraft instruments.
There is no linen for covering the wing. There is no aviation plywood and good epoxy.

Two years ago I decided to build a home-built plane - Pietenpol. I like it very much and it is very simple in construction.
But the construction of the aircraft is almost not progressing.

All materials must be ordered by mail from other countries.
For two years I bought by mail only a sheet of air plywood for $ 100.
And more rails for the wing ribs for $ 100 of poor quality from a local seller.
This is very expensive for Kyrgyzstan.

In our country, very small salaries, I earn only $ 300 per month, half of this money is spent on food.

At this rate, I will never be able to finish even the construction of the Pietenpol airplane.

We have very bad medicine, I have poor health, I can not have children.
Therefore this plane is my whole life and dream.

I already desperate and hopeless, so I created this page.

I ask you to donate me some money, help me please.
Without your help, I will never see this plane.

All my work you can see on the channel. I'm conducting a video construction diary, I'm an honest man.

You can watch me build a plane.

In Kyrgyzstan, the YouTube partner program does not work, so I do not get a cent for my videos.
If your look at my videos, you will see that I do not even have a workshop. Everything is very expensive for me, and the salary is scanty.

This page on the Internet is my last hope. Help me please.

This is my card number: 4172 2100 7914 1676

With best regards - Nikolai Sovkutsan

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